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Grade 7 Camp Konka


The grade 7 girls went to Camp Konka near Rustenburg recently. There was much excitement before hand and requests to please, please do a mud activity – quite a change from the older grades with regard to this one!! On arrival however, there was much sighing as the river bed had dried up (due to the lack of rain) and the girls assumed that there would be no mud bath and no Zip-line, but they were not disappointed and plan B was implemented!

The accommodation was more than adequate and the girls were paired off in small groups; this was a time when new friendships were made and old ones strengthened. The camp venue was excellent and the activities well presided over by the facilitators. The night walk was great fun and the girls saw a little of nocturnal life, it was unfortunate that the sky was cloudy and it was not possible to examine and enjoy the stars. The food was great and the girls looked forward to meal times – what a pleasure to see a line of girls waiting for a second helping!

All in all it was a great success and everyone, including the staff, enjoyed themselves. Grade 7 is already looking forward to next year's camp!

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