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Honours Blazers


Brescia House School ended the first term of this year by awarding no fewer than three white honours blazers. The prestigious honours blazer is awarded to pupils who achieve four different full colours awards.

Sarah Buchanan is described as the perfect ambassador for Brescia House School. She is loyal to her school and is respected and admired by her peers, staff and coaches. Sarah excels in all that she undertakes. She is a passionate and talented sportswoman and has represented her school in netball and athletics whilst maintaining a high standard of academics. She was awarded full colours for athletics and netball in 2016 and 2017 and in 2017 academic colours. Finally, in 2018 she was recognised for her excellent leadership ability and was awarded full leadership colours. Sarah Buchanan is described as the perfect ambassador for Brescia House School. 

The second recipient was Laura da Silva. Laura approaches her life with a determination that is reflected in her many academic, sporting and cultural achievements. In 2017, she was the recipient of no fewer than three full colours awards, for Academics, Debating and Athletics. She has been described by her coaches as a committed and talented member of the Athletics team. In the Debating arena, she is regarded as an excellent leader and a role model to the younger girls who look to her for guidance and advice. Academically, she is respected for her knowledge and academic prowess. In acknowledgement of this young lady's integrity and dedication to the school and its activities, her leadership ability was recognised by her fellow learners and staff, and she was awarded full colours for leadership.

Siobhan McKenzie is loyal to her school and has worked with determination and focus to achieve her four full colours. A talented actress, this young lady was awarded full drama colours both in 2016 and 2017 in recognition of her outstanding performances in various school productions. She has consistently been a top academic and was, in 2017, awarded full academic colours. She has received her full colours for Tennis, a testament to her commitment to the sport, and has been recognised by her peers and teachers for her leadership qualities. This well rounded young lady has now achieved four full colours, and her well-deserved white blazer.

Brescia Knitting Projects 2018
A budding tennis star!


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