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REMINDER : Brescia House Easter Teddy Bear Knitting Project 2013

The junior and high school Serviam groups would like to REMIND all our parents, grandparents, staff and pupils to join us in knitting as many teddy bears as possible for charity this year. The teddies will be on display in the atrium on the last day of term just before the Easter holidays. The “best teddy” as well as the “most unusual teddy” knitted will be presented at both high school and junior school assemblies. The photographs are to inspire you to join this fun event. Please find the pattern further along in the article, as well as a 2nd version in PDF format. As you complete your teddies, please hand them in at the various school reception areas, marked for the attention of Liz Norman. We hope to collect more than the 420 bears that came in on a previous project. The deadline for teddies to be handed in is 28 March 2013! So far we have only received TEN TEDDIES!

Tiziana Iacovitti and Anne Sugden (Serviam) and Liz Norman (Outreach Co-ordinator)
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Winners of the High School 2010 Teddy Bear Project. Bafana Bear, Ballerina Bear and Beautiful Bear!

One of a kind bears!
Biggest and smallest bears

Brescia Basic Teddy Bear Knitting Pattern

Use double knit wool (any colour you like) and size 4mm or 5mm knitting needles. Teddy can be knitted all in one colour, or change colours to give him a jumper and/or trousers (pants). You can decorate or dress the teddy any way you like.

The whole bear is knitted in one piece and folded in half and sewn up. It is knitted in garter stitch (plain).

Legs: Cast on 8 stitches and knit 16 rows (garter stitch).
Break off yarn, keep this piece of work on your needle. Make another leg using the same needles. You will end up with 2 pieces the same size on one needle.
Body: knit across both legs (16 sts) and knit 15 more rows.
Arms: Cast on and knit 8 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows.
Knit 6 more rows.
Cast off 8 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows.
Head: knit 38 rows.
Arms: Cast on and knit 8 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows.
Knit 6 more rows.
Cast off 8 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows.
Body: knit 16 rows
Legs: knit 8 stitches (put the other 8 on a safety pin) turn and knit another 15 rows, cast off.
Second leg: pick up the remaining 8 stitches and knit 16 rows for the second leg. Cast off.

Make up teddy by folding in half at the top of the head. Sew all seams except for one side seam and stuff with toy stuffing. Sew last seam together. Sew on a smiley face and pull a ribbon around the neck to help create the head. Sew on eyes or noses (don’t glue them on as small children can pull these off and swallow them). Stitch across the corners of the head to make the ears. Decorate your teddy as you fancy.

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